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You don’t believe this!

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The most simple calculation example with which you can give yourself a very nice gift and also save a lot of money. And yes, of course we tell this with a little interest of our own, but let’s face it … it would be a shame not to do it? We have put two scenarios on paper for you and you can choose.

Scenario 1: Buying Jägermeister shots in an Après Ski bar

You go on a winter sports holiday for a week and buy a total of only 20 shots (Jägermeister, Flying Hirsch or something else) in an Après Ski bar. Pretty realistic if you go on winter sports for a week, right? On average, you take 2 to 3 shots per day. These shots cost about € 4.50 so you spend a total of € 90 on shots.

Scenario 2: Après Buy ski poles and fill them with Jägermeister

You buy here a set of Après Ski poles for € 59.50 + € 8, – shipping costs (NL) and a bottle of Jägermeister 0.7 L at € 12.95. This bottle is good for at least 2 filled ski poles and the capacity of 0.7 L equals 20 shots. As many shots as in scenario 1. The total amount you spend is € 80.75. And now you can sip your favorite schnapps anytime, anywhere. In the Après Ski bar you skip the shots and still have the day of your life.


You should definitely keep going to that Après Ski bar, of course, that is ultimately part of winter sports. But to give yourself a set of Après Ski poles and to save another € 9.25, you naturally choose scenario 2. When you buy 2 pieces you also have free shipping so you save even more! This winter sports holiday should you only drink shots from the Après Ski poles instead of the Après Ski bar. And next year? Just get the most out of the shots in the Après Ski bar, because you already have that set of Après Ski poles for free! Then we just make it a double party. PARTY with big bold capital letters of course.

Which scenario would you choose? 😉

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Après Ski poles