Looking up the snow with carnival

With carnival to the snow!

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A large part of the Netherlands is preparing for the long-awaited carnival. If you grew up with it, you don’t want anything else. And yet there are plenty of people in those areas who are happy to “escape” from the carnival and go on winter sports.

Combine carnival with winter sports

The period around carnival is also the time for many people to go on winter sports. It can therefore be a dilemma if one has to choose between the two. Many carnivalgoers love skiing and / or snowboarding and vice versa. Issue? No, there is a solution for everything! Just take your best carnival outfit with you on winter sports! You are really not the only one who goes down the slopes dressed up during these days.

Winter sports checklist

If you’ve decided to go skiing during the carnival and you don’t know where to start, make yourself a winter sports checklist first. To help you on your way, we have already listed the most important things for you. These things are on most checklists: a ski jacket, ski pants, gloves or mittens , pullover’s, good ski socks, a nice hat , a ski goggles , a sunglasses and possibly a bandana. Not unimportant: your carnival outfit! Things you can rent, but also take with you: skis, snowboard, ski or snowboard boots and (Après) Ski poles .

Not to forget for the road

You can of course take some tasty snacks and drinks with you on the go. Very important are winter tires under your car (mandatory) and snow chains. Tip of the day: don’t forget to bring candlelights. If you stop the car for a long time, candlelights can give you just enough warmth so that you don’t get hypothermic. You can switch off the engine and it is also good for the environment! 😉

The world at your feet

Once well prepared, winter sports cannot start soon enough. After a long journey the time has finally come, the vacation is about to begin !!! A world opens up for you when you are in the mountains. In fact, the world is almost literally at your feet! Fresh powder snow, a clear blue sky and a lovely sun. That’s what you do it all for. However?

Eating and drinking on winter sports

Eating for miles on skis or snowboard is fantastic and also takes a little energy. To replenish this energy we reach for a delicious hot chocolate (with rum) and if we have some space left in our stomach, we add a tasty Kaiserschmarren. It is and remains a holiday and we should of course enjoy it to the maximum.

Lunch on the slopes is also a real treat, from Tiroler Gröstl to the most delicious pastas, pizzas and Wiener schnitzel mit pommes! In the evening, your feet will be off the floor with Après Ski of course. And if we can still show ourselves to some extent in a restaurant, we decide to end the day with a nice bite.

Everyone his own thing, of course. We as “non-carnival celebrants” choose winter sports during the carnival. We secretly miss the real party noise, but fortunately we compensate this somewhat with the versatile Après Ski and we do not lack anything. Nothing better than winter sports! During the days of carnival we sled down the slopes in our carnival outfit and experience the best of both worlds in one holiday … how cool is that!

The winter sports web store

Are you going on winter sports soon and do you want to tick some things off your checklist? Then view the great range of Après Ski Store: the winter sports webshop! Do you decide to go to carnivals in the Netherlands? Lots of fun! For winter sports enthusiasts … “break a leg”! *

* The expression “Break a leg” is mainly used in the theater world as an alternative to wish someone good luck and we have taken it for convenience.