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Why the Beardski should go on winter sports

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High mountain peaks, a wonderful sun with a clear blue sky and fresh snow. It doesn’t get much better. The winter sports season is just around the corner and I can’t wait to ski down the mountain again. With a Beardski on, but that is only logical.

Every year we have a tradition with our winter sports friends to do something crazy. Last year, a number of us ran for “ape”. The rest then went like a “dog” at the end with this one great ski masks on. For the upcoming winter sports season we have opted for the Beardski. With this ski beard you have the 100% guarantee that you will get the laughs on your hand. Time to find out why everyone loves the Beardski and why this ski beard or beard scarf should go on winter sports with everyone.

Once upon a time there was a Santa Claus, a prehistoric man and a biker

It was a wonderful sunny winter sports day in the Kitzbühel – Kirchberg area in Austria. While we take a moment of rest and plop down in the soft snow, a Santa Claus passes by with thunder and violence. He had such a beautiful, almost real, Santa Claus beard. I don’t believe in Santa Claus, but there was a moment of doubt. Until suddenly a prehistoric man came by. Wonderful, what a beard that man had … just like real! While I am enjoying myself with a big smile on my face, a biker gets off his bike in the distance, then snowboard down like crazy and his winter sports buddies fly past. They all wore Beardski and stole the show on the slopes, great! We were sold …

The Beardski is for both worlds

Skiing or boarding? The Beardski is for both worlds. This effortlessly grown facial hair requires no maintenance and warms the ears, nose, mouth and neck. The Beardskis are made of thermal, waterproof fleece and with adjustable flaps they protect you against wind and weather. You will get a genius look from an immortal legend and no one you recognize on the slopes!

Winter sports gift

The Beardski is a fantastic winter sports gift for Sinterklaas, Christmas, carnival or a bachelor party! Click here to see all 13 one-size-fits-all Beardski variants. Many preceded you. On our Facebook page ( ) are already a number of photos of customers who are more than satisfied with the Beardski.

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