Cheap refueling for winter sports

Where can you refuel cheaply on winter sports?

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We already knew that we pay ridiculous prices for petrol in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is currently at the top of the ranking of the highest fuel prices in Europe. What?? Yes, we are being squeezed en masse and unfortunately we cannot avoid it. But when we go on winter sports, we can often eagerly take advantage of the most advantageous fuel prices on the route. Where you can refuel the cheapest for winter sports? We have listed them for you.

Winter sports in itself are not a cheap holiday, so if we can save on gas, we will of course. We are and will remain Dutch, right? On the way to the winter sports destination, a stopover in Luxembourg can be very lucrative, but what if that is not on the route? Refueling in Austria is not a superfluous luxury, but above all a nice saving of no less than 30%! To help you a little bit, we have made a list of countries where you can refuel the cheapest on the route to the winter sports destination.

How much cheaper are the fuel prices in Europe compared to the Netherlands?

Austria 30%
Luxembourg 29%
Czech Republic 29%
Switzerland 23%
Germany 17%
Belgium 14%
France 11%
Italy 3%

Do you know even better fuel prices that you might encounter on the way to your winter sports destination? Let us know in a comment below.

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