What is Après Ski

What is Après Ski really?

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Après Ski is a common term for winter sports. A large proportion of Dutch winter sports enthusiasts only look for winter sports areas where good Après Ski can be found. But what exactly is Après Ski and where does it come from? We figured it out for you.

The term Après Ski originally came from France. After skiing, the uncomfortable ski boots made way for comfortable snow boots and people could relax. Après Ski this was called. This term has taken on a different meaning over the years and has moved more to Austria.

What does Wikipedia say?

An important source of reliable information is Wikipedia. Among other things, the following is written here:

Apres ski (translation: after skiing) refers to going out, drinking, dancing and partying after skiing . Source: Wikipedia

Perfect as a bus! Only in our eyes Après Ski is much more than what Wikipedia says. Everything that happens after skiing is Après Skiing in our experience.

Are you going out for dinner or playing a game at home with a nice drink? We call it Après Ski. Do you go straight into the first best ski hut after the last valley descent and completely out of your plate or go home to relax with a snack and a drink? It doesn’t matter. Anyone who goes on winter sports and skis or snowboard in Après Ski.

What is Après Ski Music?

You also have Après Ski music, this style of music is mainly characterized by the high party and dance content. Tyrolean music, German butchers, carnival numbers and covers of existing songs that have been given a festive look. They all have one important thing in common: PARTY! To mimic the winter sports atmosphere, this music is often played in Après Skihutten.

Après Ski products?

These can be products that every winter sports enthusiast can use after skiing and / or snowboarding. This can gloves and / or mittens are, and also nice and warm winter hats as a replacement for the ski helmet at the end of a skiing day. Lovely warm slippers for when you return to the hotel, guest house or chalet.

An Après Ski Suit?

Yes it really exists! It Après Ski suit is actually a kind of jumpsuit and can be worn at all times after skiing and / or snowboarding and especially as a relax suit once back in the hotel, guest house or chalet.

Après Ski poles?

With Après Ski poles you never have to bring a drink bottle with you and you save space in your ski jacket. Note: the name says it all, the content of the ski poles is intended for drinking after skiing. It is and remains a genius invention!

Après Ski poles

For every winter sports enthusiast

Whatever you do, every winter sports enthusiast who skis or snowboard does Après Ski. The fact is and remains that for many winter sports enthusiasts the real Après Ski takes place in the ski huts. Magnificent. Everyone does it his or her own way and that’s how it should be! Do you have a winter sports holiday in prospect? Après Ski Store wishes you a lot of Après Ski fun!