What criteria must a good ski area meet?

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The end of the winter sports season is now really in sight and I think this sucks. PUSSY with capital letters! Barely back from the last winter sports holiday, I am already looking for a nice destination for next year. Do you know that restless feeling? Welcome to my world. But what should a good ski area actually meet?

What should a good ski area actually meet?

For me the ultimate winter sports holiday and a good ski area has a number of ingredients. Good snow conditions, sufficient kilometers of slopes (at least 100 km), every now and then a nice sun, great Après Ski, a good lift network, so you don’t have to wait much and a nice company. My tip today  is therefore to especially bring friends and family who are even more fun than you!

As far as I am concerned, the booking for the next season is already complete before I leave the winter sports village. I like to look forward to one of the most beautiful things in life and I will not let anyone stop this.  The longer the anticipation for a winter sports holiday, the more I can enjoy it.

In the run-up to my next winter sports holiday I fantasize about this with some regularity.  Skiing in the fresh snow and  surrounded by towering mountains, I feel free as a bird. I have friends and family  as  priceless company around me and we enjoy the delicious food during lunch.  Accompanied by  the sun  we make many kilometers of piste to end the day with the most fantastic  Apres ski. Indispensable drinks like  mulled wine, jägertee, a delicious white beer, half liters of beer, Willy’s and Jägerbombs. Now we experience winter sports literally and figuratively at the highest level. It really doesn’t get any better.

End the winter sports season in style

For the real winter sports enthusiasts, the end of the winter sports season never comes at a good time. Fortunately, a number of ski areas literally save the best for last. The majority of the Dutch have now come to winter sports twice as well. This while the end of the season is often celebrated in many places and a lot  The Dutch go out for a while. The combination of snow, lots of sun and even more party is a good reason to get your thickest clothes out of the closet one more time. I am on the edge of my seat and scour the internet one more time for a nice offer. Because why look at next year, if it is still possible now.

Winter sports gadgets and trends

During my search for a good ski resort, I also visit my big friend Google to find out the latest winter sports gadgets and trends *. Like a real world champion of slalom skiing, I surf the internet for winter sports gear. From hats, trendy goggles to  the latest GoPro to be able to record everything on screen for if I ever can reach a respectable age. However, it does not lead to purchases this time. Often my  bank account took a big financial dent after visiting these alluring websites. Fortunately, that remains this time  saved.


As the drool leaves my mouth and makes its way down my chin, I regain myself and leave everything for what it is. Something about addiction? Yes. I can’t get enough of it and can therefore say that I am a winter sports fanatic.

* Speaking of trends; coming season Après Ski Store will be launching its own line of winter sports hats. I got a glimpse of the hat and have already bombarded myself as the first customer. Feel free to take a look at the shop from Après Ski Store.