Prevent your skis from being stolen

This way you prevent your Skis or Snowboard from being stolen

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Have your skis or snowboard already been stolen or do you want to prevent your skis or snowboard from being stolen during winter sports? We have a very simple solution for you!

Stealing skis and / or snowboards is a breeze. Unfortunately, it therefore happens far too often. Travel insurers are receiving more claims than before and for winter sports enthusiasts it gives a nasty aftertaste during or after a week in the snow. Nobody is waiting for this. Why are we doing so little about this?

Lock your skis or snowboard!

To get straight to the point. Almost all of us are way too easy and even a bit lax. There are quite a few options for locking your skis or snowboard, but it is still not done enough. It costs almost nothing and you save yourself a lot of hassle and also a lot of money.

A Axa ski and snowboard cable lock costs you only € 12.95 (free shipping from € 20, -) and can save you hundreds of Euros. A very simple calculation if you ask me. Especially since winter sports are already incredibly expensive.

Don’t let your winter sports get ruined and don’t give thieves the chance to bring your skis or snowboard with you. This way you ensure that your winter sport does not become a disappointment.

All tips at a glance

  • It ski and snowboard lock is a good solution anyway.
  • Put all your winter sports equipment in sight as much as possible.
  • Do not put your skis away as a pair and / or mix them with one of your winter sports buddies.

We wish you / you a beautiful and carefree winter sport! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! 🙂