Winter sports highlights

The top 10 winter sports highlights

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In my opinion, winter sports are the best holiday of the year, I can look forward to it for months. Weeks in advance I stock up on my latest winter sports gadgets and finally the moment has come … we go on winter sports! Indescribable what a wonderful and fantastic feeling this always gives. On the way in the car the tension rises and I can’t wait to take the lift up and start the first descent.

Throughout the week we all experience highlights that make us very happy. From freshly groomed slopes to the Après Ski where everyone is happy around. In this winter sports blog we have listed the 10 winter sports highlights for you.

#1. The preparation

Just a few more days before we go on winter sports and I decide to buy a new hat. A super cool Après Ski Hat with bright neon colors that you can even light up with blacklight here to get. During the Après Ski you will not be short of attention with this hat! I’m almost ready for new gloves so I decide here even immediately to purchase. Booked vacation. Check. Transport arranged. Check. Packed stuff. Check. Hoppa! We can go.

#2. Freshly groomed slopes

Once we arrive at the destination, we can’t wait to hit the slopes. Nothing is more beautiful and tastier to start the first day with freshly groomed slopes. Are you an early riser? Make sure you are one of the first to reach the top and enjoy the freshly groomed slopes. An additional advantage is that with a bit of luck you can ski or snowboard for kilometers all by yourself. How cool!

Vers geprepareerde pistes

#3. The first descent

Finally the time has come. The tension has built up to a gigantic climax, we have been living towards this for months and now the moment has arrived. We can go down! With a smile from ear to ear, we set the department and cut the skis and snowboards like a warm knife through the buttery soft snow. This is maximum enjoyment!

After a few fanatic descents, you have earned that first drink. The first sip tastes heavenly and, above all, you want more. Warm Glühwein, Jägertee, warm chocolate with whipped cream and a hint of rum or just a nice beer. ENJOY with capital letters. At the end of the day of skiing you can call on the Après Ski poles where your favorite drink has now reached delicious cold drinking temperature.

Après Ski poles

#5. A fresh snow shower

Not everyone is very happy with this, but if it hasn’t snowed for a while, a little fresh powder literally seems like a godsend. The really nice weather skiers and snowboarders often drop out at this time so the slopes are calmer. As a result, you often have this play paradise almost all to yourself. Delicious!

#6. A new day with powder snow

When we wake up in the morning on winter sports, we often look outside first. What can we expect today? If there is a fresh layer of snow and the sun breaks through, then I am the happiest person on earth. This is going to be a perfect day! Powder snow is magical and very popular with off-piste skiers and boarders, but you can also blast through the powder snow on the slopes!

#7. Have lunch in the sun at a cozy mountain hut

After a lot of kilometers of slopes, you are looking for a cozy restaurant. Just relax on the terrace and enjoy one of the delicious dishes to the fullest. A nice drink with a solid schnapps on the side and you can go for it again!

Wintersport lunch

#8. A clear blue sky and a radiant sun

Skiing or snowboarding with a clear blue sky and bright sun is fantastic. These are the busiest days on the slopes. Visibility is very good and everyone is happy. With a bit of luck you can top up your tan in your T-shirt somewhere in the mountains on a terrace … what a bad life life is!

#9. Apres ski

Après Ski makes us very happy. Once we’ve arrived downstairs unscathed, the first drink in the Après Ski bar might be the best of the day. A beer is quickly half a liter and the large wine glasses are richly filled with Aperol Spritz, among others. The feet are off the floor and we only go home at a time when we cannot remember the next day. Enjoy it all!

Apres Ski wintersport

#10. That fantastic view

It is certainly worthwhile to regularly reflect on the fantastic views. The impressive and snowy mountain peaks in combination with a clear blue sky and wonderful sun give a spectacular impression of the super beautiful surroundings.

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