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The most original winter sports gifts for the holidays

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Are you looking for a fun and original winter sports gift for in the bag of Sinterklaas or under the Christmas tree? We have listed our most original winter sports gifts for you.

1. Après Ski poles

Our one and only Après Ski poles are number 1. From now on you no longer need a bottle for your schnapps, because these ski poles have a hidden reservoir. You don’t see it, you don’t notice it and yet you can always and everywhere take a sip of your favorite schnapps in between. It doesn’t get any better. The latest model Après Ski poles 2019 has just arrived and you will find it here , so you have the scoop! The Après Ski poles model 2017 are of course still available through this link . You may not have the latest version, but you will save five euros! Après Ski poles model 2017 will cost you € 54.50 and model 2019 € 59.50. With 2 pieces you also have free shipping and to introduce the 2018 model, the first 25 orders will receive a 350 ml bottle of Jägermeister!

Après Ski poles 2018

2. Winter sports gloves and mittens à la Jamie Oliver

New in the range are the Kinco winter sports gloves and mittens. Strong gloves and mittens that are mainly worn by workers in the winter sports areas. From now on they are also available to you! The beautiful and unique thing about this product is that you have to put them in the oven to give them a little more color and make them waterproof. You then have high-quality gloves or mittens for a very affordable price and you can use them for years to come. In a blog written by us before, we explained in detail how best to prepare the Kinco gloves and mitts in the oven. You read this blog here and buy you do here . You only pay € 39.90 for both the gloves and the mitts, which is a real bargain for these sturdy and high-quality gloves that normally last for years.

Kinco winter sports gloves

2. The ski beard you’ve always wanted

Skiing or boarding? The Beardski is for both worlds. The ski beard or beard scarf, as it is also called, ensures that you go off the slopes unrecognizable. This delicious and effortlessly grown facial hair requires no maintenance, warms your ears, nose, mouth and neck and you can here choose from 13 fantastic Beardski variants. Beardski rocks and with this you get the laughs on your hand. For a Beardski you pay the lowest price in the Netherlands and Belgium: € 28.90. In addition, you get free shipping with 2 pieces and you can also combine this with a hilarious ski mask.

Easy Rider Beardski

3. Ski masks that give you a brilliant look

Can I see a monkey on the slopes? And which dog’s head goes down there like a retarded gladiolus? The 7 craziest Beardo ski masks give you the craziest look so that nobody recognizes you and yet everyone looks at you on the slopes. Who stands for monkey now? The price is 24.90 and with 2 pieces (can be combined with the Beardski) you also get free shipping here.

Orangutan ski mask

Is there nothing interesting for you here? Then take a look at our Après Ski Hats , the super cool GOGGL ski goggles or the Falcon ski socks for ladies, gentlemen and children. Do you often suffer from sweaty feet during winter sports? The Falcon anti sweat ski socks at the front Women and Gentlemen keep unpleasant odors out, that is also solved! The Thermopad heat pads help you to stay warm during the colder days and should not be missed when you go towards the snow.

Are you missing something in this list? Let us know! We are constantly looking for products that we can make you happy with. We would love to hear from you!

Après Ski Store wishes you / you the most pleasant holidays!