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Finally. We can look forward to the winter sports holiday again! Do you always browse all websites for the best winter sports products? I can not get enough of it. A few years ago, a search for ski poles where you can put liquor turned out to be in vain. Why were these ski poles (also called schnapps pole, liquor pole or schnapps stock) not or hardly sold in the Netherlands and Belgium? Time to change this.

We want to become the Après Ski webshop with the best winter sports products

Most fantastic winter sports products are not always easy to find. Strange. In our opinion, a little more attention could be paid to this in the Netherlands and Belgium. A winter sports holiday is not possible without good Après Ski. By paying more attention to Après Ski products, we want to take Après Ski to a higher level. Nice is not it? We have listed our first line of products for you. Is that all? Certainly not. We will continue to expand our range in the coming seasons. Feel welcome to take a look at our website from time to time.

The convenience and fun of Après Ski Poles

As far as we are concerned, the most amazing invention ever. Ski poles where you can put drinks in so that you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic snack at any time while skiing. We can’t make it much more fun. Curious how it works? Very simple; the Après Ski poles have a drink reservoir of at least 200 ml per ski pole. A small half liter of liquor will ensure that you survive the day. On top of the Après Ski poles is a screw cap so that you can easily fill the integrated reservoir. To make it even easier, a small funnel is supplied with a set of Après Ski poles (2 pieces). Child can do the laundry! Curious? You will find more information here .

Immortal look with the Beardski

It can be difficult to grow your own beard right? You may not even want this. What if you can get a crazy full grown beard from one day to the next? Beardski offers the solution. The Beardski is nice and warm and also gives you the most unrecognizable cool look! These beards have been on the market for some time, only available in few places in the Netherlands and Belgium. Skiing or boarding? The Beardski is suitable for both worlds. This beard scarf, as they are also called, ensures that you go off the slopes unrecognizable with the laughs guaranteed on your hand. This delicious and effortlessly grown facial hair requires no maintenance, warms your ears, nose, mouth and neck. You can here choose from 13 fantastic variants.

Down the slopes like a monkey with Beardo ski masks

During winter sports we really cannot do without a good ski mask. The Beardo ski masks are of very good quality in terms of fabric / print and have a fleece lining. From now on you can go down the slopes as a monkey, dog or leopard. It doesn’t get much crazier than this. The ski masks are designed for adults, but it is also a great solution for children. The Beardo ski masks give you a really funny look and keep you nice and warm during winter sports, on the motorcycle or if you want to rob a bank again ;-). Click here for more information about the 6 hilarious Beardo ski masks that we have in our Après Ski Store range.

What’s next?

We continue to look ahead. The intention is that we can offer one or more new winter sports products every season. Our webshop falls into the category of winter sports and Après Ski products. In recent years we have noticed that there is a need for this among winter sports enthusiasts. By constantly expanding our range, we hope to provide you with the best winter sports products even better. We want to ensure that Après Ski Store will soon become an indispensable part of the world of winter sports and Après Ski products and that winter sports enthusiasts will be happy to return to our store.

Update January 2019: our range has now been expanded with a line of Après Ski Hats, various super cool GOGGL ski goggles, Falcon ski socks for women, men and children. The range has also been supplemented with the strong gloves and mittens from the Kinco brand and the Thermopad hands, feet and body warmers are new in our webshop.

Do you have any ideas for fun products? Feel free to let us know in a comment below or via