Terms and Conditions

For all our offers, creations, sales and deliveries, our sales conditions apply exclusively, unless otherwise agreed in writing. A reference to own purchase or other conditions is not accepted, except in the event that Apres Ski Store, part of Leisure Supplies VOF, explicitly accepts these deviating conditions in writing.

Offers and prices
All our offers are without obligation. Leisure Supplies VOF has based its prices on cost prices, which apply at the time of the offer. If the cost prices have undergone an increase, Leisure Supplies VOF will have the right to increase the prices, on the other hand, the buyer is then entitled to cancel the order. If tailor-made products are developed and / or purchased, the costs will always be charged in accordance with the offer and these will then have to be paid by the buyer in accordance with then applicable payment agreements. Models, images, drawings, quotations and suchlike supplied by Leisure Supplies VOF may not be copied or made available to third parties without permission from Leisure Supplies VOF. Delivery of films is, where applicable, suitable for screen printing and color separated. It can also be delivered digitally according to specifications provided by us. The film costs depend on the performance and the supplied file.

All goods and images / models delivered by Leisure Supplies VOF remain at all times the creative property of Leisure Supplies VOF Custom products are charged accordingly, drawing and model costs are calculated according to the agreements made, this does not mean that they become the creative property. transferred. The authors and production rights are always reserved for Leisure-Supplies VOF.

All deliveries are made ex works unless agreed in writing carriage paid. Leisure Supplies VOF determines the mode of transport, including non-carriage paid deliveries. If the buyer refuses to take receipt of any goods sold by Leisure Supplies VOF, Leisure Supplies VOF will have the right to retain any amounts paid in advance by the buyer to Leisure Supplies VOF regarding the goods delivered for settlement against the buyer to Leisure Supplies VOF. payment that may be owed by the buyer to Leisure Supplies VOF on the basis of the order and / or refusal to take delivery. Delivery times can only be stated by approximation and Leisure Supplies VOF, as it will always try to observe the delivery times as much as possible, is not liable for the consequences of exceeding delivery times. Customer-specific solutions in combination with printing are handled in accordance with the delivery and payment conditions of the printing industry and it is thus allowed to deliver 10% more or less than the ordered quantity.

Leisure Supplies VOF guarantees the delivered goods only if and insofar as any defect is the direct result of material and / or production errors and is notified in writing to Leisure Supplies VOF within 8 days of the invoice date. Damage or breakage to the delivered good must be reported in writing to Leisure-Supplies VOF within 24 hours after delivery. Leisure Supplies VOF is only obliged under this guarantee to replace the delivered good free of charge. Shipping to and from Leisure Supplies VOF only takes place if the complaint of the buyer is considered justified by Leisure Supplies VOF. If the buyer has not complied with the payment obligations to Leisure Supplies VOF, has been handled inexpertly with the product, damage has been caused by third parties, the warranty obligation of Leisure Supplies VOF will never be liable for damage which the buyer may suffer due to a standstill or delay of activities for which the product has been purchased.

Each purchase and sale agreement is entered into under the suspensive conditions that the buyer appears to be sufficiently creditworthy on the basis of information to be collected by Leisure Supplies VOF. Payment must be made in accordance with the agreements made in the offer and recorded in an order confirmation. If this has not been determined, a final payment term of 30 days after the invoice date applies, without any discount. All delivered goods remain the full property of Leisure Supplies VOF until the buyer has fulfilled all financial obligations and is not entitled to transfer this security or otherwise to third parties. From the due date of any invoice, the Buyer owes the statutory interest per month applicable at that time, which will be due and payable without any notice of default being required. All costs of collection for non-payment, both judicial and extrajudicial, are at the expense of the buyer.

Goods delivered by Leisure Supplies VOF always travel at the risk of the Buyer. Should there be a delay in delivery and / or damage to the goods is found, Leisure Supplies VOF can never be held liable for direct or indirect damage. Special packaging requirements must be made known to Leisure Supplies VOF in writing by the buyer in advance. Leisure Supplies VOF will, if desired, provide a quotation of the additional measures to be taken.

Return / exchange
Returns or exchanges of products must be reported within 14 days of delivery. The shipping costs must be paid by the buyer and therefore the buyer is also responsible for any damage that occurs during the return transport. The goods are examined by Leisure Supplies VOF upon arrival for any damage or shortcomings. Provided the goods are in good condition and there is nothing wrong with them, we use the unit price of the product for crediting or exchange. The shipping costs of the order are non-refundable. Customized products, promotion and / or leftover products cannot be exchanged or returned.

Force of the majority.
Force majeure should be understood to mean any circumstance beyond our control that is of such a nature that compliance with the agreement cannot reasonably be expected of us (non-attributable failure to perform). Force majeure also includes: war, riots and hostilities of any kind, blockade, boycott, natural disasters, epidemics, lack of raw materials, prevention and interruption of transport options, disruptions in our company, import and export restrictions or prohibitions, obstacles caused by measures , laws or decisions of international, national or regional (government) authorities. If, due to force majeure, we are unable to fulfill our delivery obligation, or not properly or on time, we are entitled to regard the agreement or the part not yet performed as dissolved, or to suspend it for a definite period, at our discretion. In the event of force majeure, the buyer cannot sue us for compensation.

All disputes between the buyer and Leisure Supplies VOF arising from the purchase agreement will – unless otherwise provided by law – be exclusively decided by the competent court.

Final provision
If one or more provisions of this Agreement should or come into conflict with provisions established or to be determined by any authorized governmental authority, the latter provisions shall be deemed to have superseded such provisions.