Snowskating: the new winter sports trend or a keeper?

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Snowskating is booming. If you already skate or snowboard, you will immediately feel at home on a snow skate. Skaters can adapt all their tricks and snowboarders make maximum use of their techniques. The biggest advantage over a snowboard: no hassle with bindings, direct boarding from the lift and no more pinching and painful feet.

The next step

We are one of the few suppliers in the Netherlands to introduce the Snowskate with subski! We have tested the Snowskate and enthusiastically included it in our range. If you are already an experienced skater or snowboarder, the Snowskate is “the next step” for you! Snowboarders have the advantage that they already master this board technique and for skaters, control over the tricks they do quickly becomes self-evident.

Easy to use

The Snowskate is a valuable addition to take with you on winter sports and is easier to handle than you think in advance. Do you have an hour to spare or are you always waiting forever for the rest? Then try the Snowskate! Not convinced yet? Then watch the video below and the Snowskate will automatically be on your “things to buy bucket list”!

Rental service

To introduce the Snowskate, we also offer a rental service for € 8 per day. Do you want to rent or buy the Snowskate? Contact us at , call us on 0341-358556 or click here to buy.

Tricks, cruising, carving, bombing … everything is possible with the Snowskate!