Skiers versus snowboarders

Skiers versus snowboarders

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The senseless battle between skiers and snowboarders starts every season. Skiers use the entire piste and the sound of rowing snowboarders drives you crazy. Skiers are sissy and snowboarders are slow. There are plenty of reasons to devote a bit to the ever-recurring discussion; why skiing and snowboarding are completely different. Time for some substantiation: skiers versus snowboarders.

Advantages skiers versus snowboarders
Some advantages that skiers have over snowboarders:
-Skiers can easily and quickly take a schnapps if they have Après Ski poles … snowboarders have to make do with a silly bottle
-Skiers are best in après-ski. It’s not called après skiing for nothing, otherwise they would have called it après boarding?
-Skiers don’t have that bother with bonds every time
-Skiers have no problem with flatter sections… a piece of cake!
-Skiers often keep the slopes clean, snowboarders slide unprecedentedly
-Skiers have less trouble with chairs and tow lifts, snowboarders often fumble

Advantages snowboarders versus skiers
To be fair, snowboarders also have a lot of advantages over skiers:
-Fine shoes, a guarantee of normal walking and dancing (après ski benefit)
-Snowboarders carry their board much easier than those damn clumsy skis
-Snowboarders don’t have to lug those crazy ski poles
-They look much cooler than skiers with their bulky boots and skis
-Snowboarders are more likely to sit quietly for a while, skiers are quite quickly in the creases when they do this
-Snowboarders do not lose their snowboard so quickly while boarding

Skiers are often annoyed by rowing snowboarders, while snowboarders are crazy about skiers with skis on their shoulders that go in all directions. Let’s say everyone has his own thing. As long as everyone has a fantastic winter holiday, the only lament is that we don’t want to go home at the end of the week. Ultimately, both skiers and snowboarders are winter sports enthusiasts and isn’t it nice when we piss each other off every now and then?

Conclusion skiers versus snowboarders; you should do what you like and what you feel like doing, winter sports are fantastic anyway! Fortunately, our offer on the website is intended for both worlds; Après Ski poles for the skier and the Beardski for both skiers and snowboarders.

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