Thermopad body heaters benefit packages


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✓ Content per piece: 1 pad


This Thermopad heat pad keeps your body nice and warm during the colder days. The solution for when you are always cold! Ideal for winter sports, but of course also for all other outdoor activities. These flexible pads are very easy to place on the body.

This Thermopad heat cushion is activated by the air. Using this body warmer is therefore a piece of cake. Unpack, remove the foil layer, stick somewhere on your body (for example on the lower back) and you’re done! The pad will heat up when you take it out of its packaging and heats up to 63 ° C. Ultimately, the heat pad will maintain an average temperature of 45 ° C for 10 to 12 hours.

The more you buy, the lower the price! You can use these body warmers here also order per piece.
3 pieces – € 5.50 (content per piece: 1 pad)
5 pieces – € 8.50
10 pieces – € 17.50
30 pieces – € 49.95

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