Nikwax for leather (set of 2 bags)


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Your leather gloves or mittens can absorb water because they are dirty. As soon as these absorb (absorb) water, the leather loses its waterproofness and becomes stiff. While leather should be wonderfully supple and water-repellent. However? It is therefore wise to treat your leather gloves or mittens once a year with Nikwax. Regular maintenance of leather with Nikwax contributes to a longer life. Nikwax waterproofing wax for leather is a high-quality waterproofing cream that is especially intended for leather.

Treating your leather gloves or mittens with Nikwax will ensure long-lasting water repellency and can improve suppleness.

Nikwax treatment for the best results:
  1. Rub a maximum of 1 sachet of Nikwax per gloves or mitt carefully, paying extra attention to the seams.
  2. If necessary, remove too much wax with a cloth.
  3. Let your gloves or mittens dry at room temperature.
  4. Ready to go!

Your gloves or mittens are smoother again, no longer absorb and can withstand them for a long time! You can order the Nikwax waterproofing wax for leather from us per set of 2 pieces. Tip: with us you get free shipping from € 20.