Kinco 7900 Premium BBQ gloves


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Tough and strong premium reddish brown with black barbecue gloves. These cow leather gloves are specially made for extra comfort and safety while barbecuing. Great heat resistance and long durability make these bbq gloves a must have during the hot summer days.

-Heat deflector with fire-retardant lining
-Extra reinforced by overlapping seams
-With twisted leather seam to prevent fraying
-Safe, flexible and comfortable model
-Includes a handy hanging loop
-Available in size: L.

The lining of these fantastic BBQ gloves is 100% polyester laminated and thus creates an extremely strong barrier to resist flames and heat. The gloves are extra tightly sewn with heat resistant Kevlar® thread to prevent contact with flames, sparks and high temperatures.

Do you have a Weber, Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Black Bastard, or any other random barbecue? Then these Kinco bbq gloves make your barbecue set complete!