Après Ski Poles black/white


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Imagine. You stand on top of a mountain and look over an infinite number of freshly snow-capped peaks. While you think life doesn’t get much better, you and your friends grab the Après Ski Poles and toast to life.

With the Après Ski poles you always have your favorite drink at hand. The ski poles, with a reservoir of at least 200 ml per ski pole, are supplied with a small funnel so that you can easily fill them with your favorite spirits.

The convenience and fun of Après Ski Poles

The Après Ski Poles, also called schnapps stock, liquor pole or Après Ski Pole, are the most ingenious winter sports invention of the moment and ensures that you can enjoy your favorite schnapps anytime and anywhere. In most cases ice and ice cold. Cheers!

The Après Ski Poles have a drink reservoir of at least 200 ml per ski pole (depending on the length of the ski pole). So you quickly have half a liter of spirits with you. On top of the Après Ski Poles you’ll find a screw cap so that you can easily fill the integrated reservoir. To make it even easier for you, a set of Après Ski Poles (2 pieces) comes with a small funnel. Easy as it is!

Which size ski poles you’ll need:
Own length 163 – 169 cm –> Ski pole length 115 cm
Own length 170 – 177 cm –> Ski pole length 120 cm
Own length 178 – 184 cm –> Ski pole length 125 cm
Own length 185 – 190 cm –> Ski pole length 130 cm
Own length 191 – 198 cm –> Ski pole length 135 cm

Read more about the Après Ski Poles here .

Safety first

Skiing is fantastic, but be careful and don’t mix skiing and drinking together. Our Après Ski Poles are designed for drinking after skiing. We have therefore consciously chosen the name Après Ski Pole. Après Ski Store discourages the consumption of alcohol while skiing. This combination can cause damage. By purchasing our Après Ski Poles, you agree that Après Ski Store will not be held liable for any damage or injury resulting from the use of our ski poles. In addition, Après Ski Store encourages always and everywhere to respect the rules of the ski area.