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Kinco mittens with fur: fun, hip and nice and warm!

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We have already had some cold days this winter and who knows what to expect. You better prepare well for a chilly and cold winter day. Do you often suffer from cold hands and can you still use a pair of hip mittens? Then you really should read on!

It all starts in the fall. You take a look at your winter wardrobe and decide to buy something new. Once you have started shopping, you will quickly have a shopping basket full and a new winter coat does not seem superfluous. Pay that trade and now wait for your package to be delivered at home.

Fashion show in front of the mirror

When everything is eventually delivered to your home by our always friendly PostNL delivery person, you decide to give a real fashion show in front of the mirror. It should be clear that all purchased items must fit together nicely, because if your winter coat does not match well with your beautiful mittens or gloves, we will simply not leave. However? Fortunately, we now have the solution for this!

Leather vintage children's mittens

Kinco suede vintage mittens: chic, stylish and affordable

The chic and stylish Kinco suede vintage mittens made of deer leather with a nice sheep wool inside are super fun, hip and wonderfully warm. And of course they match with your winter coat! Not convinced yet? With a price tag of € 44.50 and free shipping, you really can’t pass up these beauties! View this product quickly in our shop and bring them home this winter!

Tough mittens with fur for children

Are you looking for cool and affordable mittens with fur for children? You can find these here. You can find our entire collection of gloves and mittens for men, women and children here see.