Gloves or mittens?

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Never suffer from cold hands again, don’t you want that too? For many people, this question goes hand in hand with the choice of gloves or mittens. In this blog, we will help you on your way and we will give you the best tip to ensure that you never have cold hands again.

What’s the big difference?

The big difference between gloves and mittens is that gloves have separate areas for each finger. These spaces really have to provide their own heat separately. This is also the reason that gloves insulate less well than mittens. Mittens, on the other hand, have a separate space for the thumb and the remaining space is for the rest of the fingers. The mittens insulate better than gloves, mainly because the hand and fingers keep each other nice and warm in the same space.

Gloves, on the other hand, have the great advantage that you can grip things more easily. Your fingers have more freedom of movement. Tightening your ski boot is fine with gloves, while with mittens this can sometimes be a challenge.

A bit of both worlds?

What if you had to choose? There are people who choose gloves and mittens. Gloves are often chosen on warmer days and mittens can be worn on colder days. Watch this one Kinco leather winter sports gloves once. These gloves give you warm hands during cold winter days. Or go for the Kinco learn winter sports mittens! These mittens have a little bit of both worlds. Why? The special thing about these mittens is that we have a separate space for each finger. You can of course also opt for gloves and mittens, but you will feel that a little more in your wallet 😉

Never again cold hands or cold feet?

No one can guarantee you 100% this, but with the Thermopad heat pads the chance is really very small that you will get cold hands, toes or feet. These heat pads are very cheap and are available in different variants. The Thermopad hand warmers work very simple, put them in your mittens or gloves and your hands will be nice and warm in no time! The insole can be used in your shoe foot warmers . Do you mainly suffer from cold toes? Then the Thermopad toe heaters really something for you! The body heaters are widely used for the lower back, for example. To combat the cold and often also against muscle complaints. The muscles are therefore wonderfully heated and flexible again. Thermopad helps you through the winter 🙂

Hopefully, the above information and tips will help you on your way. Are you not quite sure and would you like to receive some more information about the Kinco gloves and mittens? Let us know, we are happy to help!