Cornavirus and winter sports

Can we go on winter sports in times of Corona?

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While the summer holidays are only just behind us, all sights are again focused on the upcoming winter sports holiday. Unfortunately, we are dealing with the Corona virus this year and a lot is still unclear. We therefore already give you a Corona on winter sports update.

Code red or orange

One million Dutch people go on a winter sports holiday every year and the Corona virus will probably not change much about this. It is expected that people will be more careful with books. This winter sports season is not to wait to see if there is enough snow, but mainly to make sure that there is no code orange or red for the winter sports area.

As long as the ski areas are not set to code orange by the government, there is not much going on, according to the Dutch Ski Association. “The biggest risk is that the government will determine that a region code will be orange”, says Arjen de Graaf of the Dutch Ski Association. “This has not yet happened for the Alpine countries, but of course it is quite possible.”

The most popular ski areas in Italy, France, Austria and Germany are currently on code yellow, with the exception of some areas in Switzerland. Here it is advised to only go for necessary trips.

The most important piste rules

Most winter sports areas will soon be accessible as usual, but there are restrictions. What will your winter sports holiday look like? If you are a true Après Ski fanatic, then you can expect a completely different winter sport. There is a good chance that there will be no Après Ski at all and that can be a huge disappointment for many.

Skiing and snowboarding is of course possible, but there are some general rules that everyone must adhere to. These rules differ per area, but broadly speaking, a number of rules correspond. For example, mouth masks will be mandatory in the ski lift and a distance of 1 meter in the queue is mandatory. Fortunately, skiing and snowboarding are not contact sports, so not much will change on the slopes.

Alternative to Après Ski

Are you really crazy about Après Ski, then don’t let that put you off. There are plenty of alternatives. In most hotels and restaurants you can still have a nice drink. These all have to adhere to the Corona rules, but it is not the case that nothing is allowed at all anymore.

Believe it or not, Après Ski methods have already been devised on the slopes to get in the right mood. Like the Après Ski poles for the Burgundian skiers among us; these ingenious ski poles have a drink reservoir for your favorite schnapps. So after the last valley run you can go directly to the Après Ski! This is not only fun, but you also save the costs of expensive shots in the Après Ski bar 😉

We are currently working hard in all areas to make it “Corona proof” this winter. And of course we will keep you informed! In the meantime, dream about the upcoming winter sport, because it should and will of course not be taken away from us. See you on the slopes! 🙂