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Après Ski drinks not to be missed

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Winter sports and Après Ski are inextricably linked. We love it. A nice drink should not be missed during winter sports and especially during the Après Ski. We have listed our favorite drinks for you. After one or more glasses of Glühwein, Jagertee and / or hot chocolate with rum, it is time for the real work with these alcoholic refreshments.


The basis for good Après Ski is beer. Preferably large jars of at least half a liter. No Après Ski without beer. Point. Even all women seem to drink beer these days. Plain beer, radler or beer with a different fruity taste. It doesn’t matter. Beer is no longer just for men, nowadays beer belongs to and for everyone.


The winter sports classic. The combination of Jägermeister and Red Bull has been the perfect recipe for the ultimate Après Ski for a long time now! And let’s be honest, you won’t let this delicious drink go either, will you? Ideal to start the Après Ski with, but it also tastes very good at the end of a blissful evening.

Willi (mit birne)

The well-known drink where opinions are divided. Where one likes it, the other throws it over his or her shoulder. After drinking a Willi (with a pear of course), a powerful primal cry often follows that reflects how “tasty” and powerful the drink is. After consuming it, the mood seems to be right there and we “feel free” to take another one.


Ice cream and ice cold stays the best. A nice cold and spicy Jägermeister should not be missed during the Après Ski. From time to time really tasty, but not always good for the “day after”. No matter how innocent a small glass of Jägermeister may look, this drink is quite addictive during Après Ski. After a shot or seven, a hangover is 100% guaranteed. But hey, we live in the supreme moment and the hangover comes later.


In one way or another, this is and will remain a drink that makes everyone completely happy. Good cold and unbeatably sweet, you can knock the drink back with your friends and before you know it you have a cap on your nose and the party is in the tent. This drink should certainly not be missed during the Après Ski on winter sports, we love it!

Local schnapps

The local Austrian shots actually belong in this list. Often not the best, but with 40% alcohol, these drinks contribute to that miserable headache the next day. Hey! Wir wollen die eisbären sehen! And here we go again …

Ein prosit!

As far as we are concerned, these are the best drinks you can enjoy during Après Ski, but isn’t there one that we may have overlooked? Let us know in the comments on Facebook or below and we’ll include it! Ein prosit!