About us

Occasionally  you search the internet for fun and affordable winter sports products and you often end up disappointed. However? We now want to do this slightly differently. We offer you a wide range of winter sports products for competitive prices. In this way we try to make winter sports somewhat affordable. Nice story, but you did not come to this page for that. We would of course be happy to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

Two enthusiasts with one idea; sell ski poles where you can drink a nice schnapps. Come up with a name, create a webshop and we'll see where the ship ends up. The website www.apresskistok.nl is a fact. After a few weeks we receive our first order. "Have you seen it too?" "Yes cool eh!". It soon became apparent that we were doing something right and decided to start selling a few more products. Laugh man, we'll see what happens. As long as we like what we do, right?

We are now a few years, almost 150 products and a new website further, and the end seems far from in sight. What started as a funny thing is now, as they say, "a hobby that got out of hand". Super cool! Our full range is now also offered on Bol.com and Amazon and we have committed ourselves to be able to offer at least 250 products to our customers by 2021. Our secret?" We want to be slightly different. With our range of unique products of high quality in combination with competitive prices, we offer our customers affordable winter sports products for every budget. The greatest compliment we receive from our customers, they  rate us with a 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. And that makes us very happy!

The popularity of Après Ski Store is booming. RTL4 found our products to be an excellent match with the RTL Snow Magazine program, but Ziggo Sport took the honor in the "Body, Mind & Guilty Pleasures" program.  See the images below about our Après Ski poles and our winter sports gloves. 

We are Tristan Mooij and Antwin Grevengoed. We hope that you can succeed with us for one or more beautiful products. And if you can't figure it out? Let us know, we are happy to help!

Since January 1, 2020  both our office and our new one  showroom (store) moved. We are open by appointment (0031 (0) 341 358 556) and 1-2 Saturdays a month (in the winter sports season). The address where you can visit us from now on is Hoge Eng-West 28 in Putten. The opening hours of our store in the winter sports season of 2019/2020 will be published here soon.

Après Ski Store
Tristan Mooij and Antwin Grevengoed, drinking from the Après Ski poles.