A hobby that got out of hand with Après Ski poles

A hobby that got out of hand with Après Ski poles

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In 2012 the idea was created by two brothers-in-law to start a webshop; the only real sales point for the fun Après Ski poles. The search for ski poles that you can fill with drink went wrong in the Netherlands and so the idea was born. The webshop www.apresskistok.nl became the point of sale for the Netherlands and Belgium.

A bigger selection

It turned out to be a good move, because every year more people are interested in the Après Ski poles. The range on the website has now been expanded and the aim is to offer new products every year. The Beardski is a good example of this. This product keeps you nice and warm on the slopes and gives a striking, sturdy and recognizable look. This also turned out to be a good move and at the beginning of 2017 a second webshop was opened, www.apresski-store.com , with a wider range of products developed. There are many fun and especially undiscovered Après Ski products on offer here and with a growing range they will also knock on the door internationally. A fun hobby that got out of hand and for the time being this distinctive company continues to develop, something that many winter sports enthusiasts and après skiers are very happy with.

Most Après Ski Store products are now also available through bol.com .

Source: www.aprèsski-store.com