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5 reasons why you should have Après Ski poles

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One of the first things that comes to mind when we talk about winter sports is Après Skiing. As far as I am concerned, it cannot start early enough. Winter sports and Après Ski can without a doubt be mentioned in the same breath. To make the Après Ski more pleasant, we once developed the Après Ski poles for the Dutch and Belgian market.

With these ski poles you always have your favorite schnapps handy during winter sports and you can already get into the Après Ski mood. It makes me happy. We have listed why the Après Ski poles should go on winter sports.

1. You are left with space in your ski jacket

The Après Ski Poles were conceived to make the life of skiers more fun and easier. While your ski poles are filled with your favorite alcoholic drink and you take a sip, your fellow skiers reach for the bottle in their jacket pocket. You save space in your jacket pocket and are then back “on track” faster thanks to the quick drinking convenience of the Après Ski poles. Genius right? While partying on the slopes, a nice drink cannot and should not be missed. The Après Ski poles make your winter sports holiday complete!

Après Ski poles

2. At least 400 ml of your favorite schnapps

The reservoir starts at the top of the handles. This changes into the ski pole and can be filled with at least 0.2 liters (per ski pole) of your favorite schnapps. With just under half a liter of spirits at your fingertips, you’ll be warmed up for the Après Ski and hit the slopes like never before!

3. You can be seen with this model Après Ski poles

The handles of the ski poles are perfectly shaped and have a nice grip. The design is astonishingly beautiful and striking. The adjustable wrist loops can be adjusted so that they always fit well around your gloves or mittens. The discs have been given a different look and the reservoir has been adapted. We have done everything we can to surpass the previous model and with success. With the Après Ski poles model 2018 you can and only want to be seen!

Après Ski poles

4. A funnel as a gift with every set of Après Ski poles

While filling the ski poles, pouring it can sometimes be a challenge. To make it easier for you, we will give you a funnel with every set of Après Ski poles. In addition, we always use free shipping from 2 pieces to any address within Europe.

5. Group discounts possible

Because you never go skiing alone and it is much more fun to take Après Ski poles with your friends on winter sports, we have the option of taking advantage of a group discount from 5 pieces. Interested? Please contact us via info@apresski-store.com or call 0341-358556.

Not convinced yet? Look here for more information about Après Ski Poles.
Tip: the Après Ski poles are also nice as a winter sports gift for under the Christmas tree and take the time to check out our other products. shop to watch.