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13 tips if you always suffer from cold hands and feet

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Brrrrr! Do you also regularly suffer from cold hands and feet? That is not very surprising, because more than 30% of women suffer from this. Men also suffer from it, only to a lesser extent. We cannot guarantee you will never again have cold hands and feet, but we have put together 13 tips for you that may help you avoid cold hands and feet as much as possible.

Everyone sometimes suffers from cold hands and / or feet. In fact, there are plenty of people who cannot even get rid of their cold feet indoors. Often this has to do with a reduced blood flow. What can you actually do about this? The 13 tips below may help you a little bit to prevent cold hands and feet.

1. Get enough exercise
Movement promotes blood flow, so exercise a lot. Walking alone is also moving, so take action!

2. Wear wool or cotton socks
Wear nice thick wool or cotton socks. 2 pairs of thin cotton socks on top of each other also helps. The space in between is actually an isolated layer of air, which counteracts the cold. Ideal right!

3. No more sitting with your legs crossed
This limits your blood flow and can also cause varicose veins in the long term, so don’t do it again!

Buy good shoes
Preferably walk in shoes that are not too tight. Preferably choose leather shoes with a sturdy heel. Non-natural materials cool faster when it is cold. We also don’t recommend high heels because it also reduces the blood flow to your feet.

5. Go for that wonderful hand and / or foot massage
This is a perfect way to boost your blood flow. Do you want the optimal effect? Then use massage oil (insulating) and warm it up in advance.

6. Quit smoking
Smoking clogs blood vessels and this results in reduced blood circulation. Stopping skirts promotes this blood circulation and can therefore help you to get warm feet and / or hands again.

7. No more tight hair elastic around your wrist
Many women do it, only it restricts your blood flow so don’t do it anymore!

8. Take a swap bath every now and then
Your hands and / or feet in a warm bath for 2-3 minutes and then in cold water for 2-3 seconds. Repeat about 8 times and end with the cold bath. Dry hands and / or feet and put on lovely warm socks. You will see better circulation.

9. Coat your hands and / or feet with petroleum jelly
Do this especially before going to sleep or going outside on a cold winter day and put on a pair of warm socks. Petroleum jelly insulates and thus retains your own body heat.

10. Use the Thermopad heat pads
You can do this here buy for hands, feet and also for your back, for example. You can even buy discount packaging in the webshop. Although this is a temporary solution, it will keep you nice and warm for up to 8 hours! Ideal for the cold winter day and of course winter sports.

11. Eat more spicy foods
Hot peppers release endorphins in your body. And this endorphins not only gives you a happy boost, it also works as a natural pain reliever. And that is very convenient when you are shivering again.

12. Drink less caffeine
A delicious cup of coffee during a cold winter day is less good for blood circulation. It narrows your blood vessels and therefore you have a greater chance of cold hands and feet. Maybe a decaf next time?

13. Do a mini workout
If you run around the living room 10 times, you will soon have a mini workout. This short intensive movement session ensures better blood circulation and thus directly increases the chance of warmer hands and feet.

Do you still suffer from cold hands and feet? Then visit your doctor, he may be able to help you further.
In any case, we wish you a winter with wonderfully warm hands and feet!