10 reasons why you should go on vacation with friends

10 reasons why you should go skiing with friends

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Winter sports are fantastic, but winter sports with your friends are the ultimate. But why exactly? We have listed the top 10 reasons for you!

First lift? “Yes, I’m coming.” “Me too!” And yet another shouts that he will stay under the wool for a while. Mileage eaters or not. It is all possible with a group and there is always someone who goes in the same direction as you. Of course there are more reasons why your friends should not miss out on winter sports. Below our top 10.

1. Sociability

It is of course great fun to ski / snowboard together all day, to have lunch and after a productive day to end with a delicious green beer in the most cozy après ski bar in the area. With your friends it will certainly not be missing fun on winter sports!

2. Always a buddy

Within a group of friends there is always someone who has the same level as you. It’s not always fun when everyone has to wait for you every time, so you better go out with a buddy who can ski or snowboard right away. You still meet the rest of the group often enough, you don’t have to worry about that at all.

3. On the road together

It is always nice to go to the mountains together in one car. You can alternate with driving along the way, so that everyone arrives at their destination well rested. Moreover, there is always someone who has a good and comfortable car available.

4. Never alone

Although a moment for yourself can be very nice from time to time, it can be very nice to have someone with you if you fall, for example. Your skis are 50 meters away, you are completely covered in snow and you have lost your poles. If your ski buddy comes to your aid, it will be very valuable and you will be on your way again quickly.

5. Dividing tasks

If you are on winter sports, things will also have to be arranged. For example, who does the shopping? With a group of friends, there is always someone who takes the lead in this and proposes to drive to the supermarket to replenish the groceries. Top! Can the rest already hit the slopes.

6. Cheaper

Winter sports with a group of friends can significantly reduce costs. Yes really! An apartment for 10 people is generally a lot cheaper than an apartment for 2 people. And by getting into the car together, the fuel costs are divided among several people. This way you quickly save dozens of Euros and this again saves on your total budget. Of course you can get a few extra schnapps from that ;-).

7. Never get lost again

If you send me on the slopes alone, chances are that I will have to take a 1.5 hour bus ride at the end of the day to get back to our apartment. Most winter sports areas are one big maze for me and the orientation sometimes lets me down. Fortunately, I am not alone in this and there is always someone in your group of friends who can be your travel guide. Ideal right?

8. More and better photos

If you go on winter sports with your group of friends, you don’t have to worry that you will not have good photos at the end of the holiday. In a group there are always a few who spend half the day taking pictures. Can you deal with the things that really matter? Great skiing / snowboarding, enjoying a terrace with a hot chocolate and phenomenal view and so on I can go on for a while.

9. Après Ski

Going out is always more fun when you are with a group. On winter sports, everyone seems happier than ever during the Après Ski and how beautiful it is when you can share this with your friends. The satisfaction that you and your friends have after a day on the slopes and back down unscathed is indescribable. Friends for life, we toast to that!

10. Memories for life

Once back, you and your friends can enjoy your winter sports holiday together for a long time to come. That winter sport was fantastic! Oh yes, we have to book again for next year soon. Time to make new memories with your friends. You make memories for life when you go on winter sports with your friends.

Do you have very good additions to the above top 10? Let us know in a comment below. Are you going on a winter sports holiday with your friends this winter sports season? Then we wish you a lot of fun on behalf of Après Ski Store!

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