10 reasons to go winter sports in the spring

10 reasons why you should go skiing in the spring

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With a few beautiful sunny “winter” days behind us, we get the real spring feeling and everyone goes down the street with a cheerful smile. It looks like spring! We immediately start thinking about the summer holidays with enthusiasm. What?? Hooooooo for a second. Winter is still in full swing and even in March and April you can still enjoy incredible skiing. That is precisely why we give you 10 reasons to go on a nice winter sport in March or April.

#1. A lot of sun

Sun, sun and more sun. You have the best chance of winter sun in March and April. So if you want to start spring with a nice tan, the best advice is to go on a winter sport after all. You can enjoy the terrace with beautiful clear blue skies. Tip 1: bring sunscreen! Tip 2. Get a good one ski or snowboard goggles On. Tip 3. A nice sunglasses is not entirely superfluous with so much sun ahead.

#2. Less traffic jams

The minimal traffic jams in March and April alone are a relief. The worst winter sports hustle and bustle is now behind us and the roads are nice and quiet. In addition, the chance of snow on the road is many times less than in the winter months. Gas on it!

#3. Less waiting times

It is so much quieter on and around the slopes and that gives you even more holiday feeling. It is also so much better that you do not have to wait at the ski lifts. Less irritation, more enjoyment!

#4. Lots of snow

A lot of snow has fallen again this winter. More than enough to provide all ski and snowboard enthusiasts with good snow in the “late season”. The slopes can get a bit “mushy” in the afternoon during this period. If you just make sure that you’ve already covered the miles in the morning, you can conquer your spot on the terrace in the afternoon with great satisfaction. Cheers!

#5. Less clothing

You would do well to leave the real thick clothes at home, because you often have the luxury of sitting outside on the terrace in your t-shirt in March and April. It doesn’t get any better! You always need good winter sports gloves and / or mittens and you will find them here !

#6. Great offers

Because the real high season is coming to an end, there are very nice offers where you can sometimes go to the mountains for a few hundred euros. Speaking of offers, 2 sets Après Ski poles (yellow / black) you get temporarily for € 100, -… you cannot pass them up, right?

#7. Longer days

The end of winter also means longer days and therefore more vitamin D. If it is vacation, then we also take the maximum!

#8. Low prices

Low season means lower prices. The ski pass is often a bit cheaper and the accommodation can also be a lot cheaper than in the high season.

#9. End of the season

They close the season in style in more and more places and an event is organized during this period. This is often accompanied by performances by well-known artists and they turn it into a big party.

#10. Because you can’t get enough of winter sports

Even if the summer holidays had to give way to go on winter sports one more time, I would! Winter sports are the ultimate and my summer holiday may give way to that.

Bonus tip

Winter sports can of course be quite warm in March and April. Do you often suffer from sweaty feet in your ski or snowboard boots? Then choose the nicely priced anti sweat socks from Falcon! A 2pack ladies or 2pack men you already have for € 29.95 with free shipping!

Have you already decided to go skiing in March or April? We wish you a lot of snow fun with clear blue skies and an incredible amount of sun … maximum enjoyment!